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 Change is a good thing.

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PostSubject: Change is a good thing.   Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:56 am

Quote :
like a tree growing. It doesnít know where itís growing next. A branch may grow
out this way, then that way, and then another way. If you let it be that way
and donít have pressures from outside, when you look back, youíll see that this
will have been an organic development. Just remember: Parzival blew the job
when he did what people expected him to do.

Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

Remember Parzival? aka: Parsifal; Percival?

He lost his first quest for the Holy Grail when he failed to ask the Fisher King, "What ails thee?" When he ignored the obvious fact that the king was in pain, he should have shown compassion, he was later told.

Thing is, Percival was simply doing what he was taught: Don't ask too many questions. So he bit back his tongue and hid the compassion he truly felt, because he was trying to to the right thing.

Don't be overbold. Don't make reference to the "flaw" of another, especially if the other holds a superior rank.

Be politically correct, in other words.

Follow convention. Do what you elders taught you to do. Don't think for yourself. Maintain the status quo.

What should one do when one's instinct says it's time for a change? When intuition keeps whispering that it is time for an end to "the way things are"?

Endings can be uncomfortable. Uncertainty can be fearful.

But, at the same time, beginnings can be exciting and rejuvenating. Like Joe said, when the tree is young and just forming, you might wonder why a branch forms the way it does, grows in the direction it "chooses" to grow, but then, in time, when you see the mature tree, you see the way the branches all balance each other, and you see the grace and fluidity of its form.

There is always a beginning to go with an ending.

"In my end is my beginning," T. S. Eliot said in his Four quartets

It becomes more obvious every day that our world today is in a state of massive change. Maybe our best response at this time is to let go of the way things have been, and let the future develop as it will.

And, BTW, one of the things that Percival had been taught was that you only get one chance, and if you fail, you fail.

But Percival got the message from his failure that you can't always trust your elders. So he returned, again, to that deepest part of the forest, and, this time, he followed his own path and went where his instinct and intuition led him.

And it was that path that eventually led him to the Grail, and this time around, he became its keeper and protector.

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Change is a good thing.
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