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 MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS now in paperback and Kindle

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PostSubject: MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS now in paperback and Kindle   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:31 pm

Some of you probably know Iíve been on a long time novel project called MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS, part of team of writers called ďTeam 2012Ē. It was an online serial for a year, very popular; then a much-awarded, highly innovative, commercially useless ebook: now itís a paperback, and an official Kindle eBook.

Iím pretty thrilled about this: itís the wildest, coolest book Iíve been on yet. Unique, quirkly,adventurous, romantic, funnyÖand plenty of cheesecake. But also because itís the first chance Iíve had to offer my many fans, adorers, and camp-followers around here a chance to read my stuff inexpensively. Or, better yet, expensivelyóbuy several of the paperbacks or you wonít be able to live with yourselves.

The cover image by Robin Crandall says it all: ancient schemata meet contemporary sexy, kicky cheesecake Calendar Girls. Itís a romp, something to delight fans of Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, comics from the innocent days of Playboy and Penthouse (Annie Fanny and Wicked Wanda would fit right in with our Girls)Öand, of course the golden age of girly calendar art and logos on flying fortresses.

Itís got stoned crystal skulls, dolphin love, Obamaís talk show, industrial spies hooking up, dancingóboth fire and pole) and quite a bit of action adventure, romance, and all that archaeology stuff. The website makes it pretty clear what youíre dealing with, and so far the entire book is still online to be read.
If nothing else, check out the artwork and Mayan myth videos.

The books are available at all online stores including,
on order from book stores in most civilized civilizations, and gettable from the Kindle store

Let me know what you think.
Anybody who posts a good review on, show me and Iíll send you a copy of the amazing ebook (only works on Windows, sorry to say. But Iíll do you right with some other nifty freebie)

Thanks for your attention. Hope you like Mayan Calendar Girls.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS now in paperback and Kindle   Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:14 pm

Hi Ln,

Good luck with this! You sent a contact request on LinkedIn and I thought it was for a girly magazine so didn't reply! I've now accepted the request!


Amazon Author Central: Shelagh Watkins
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MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS now in paperback and Kindle
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